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3 Aug


KONG is the first break way up the point and very rarely drop below three feet a slower mellower break compared to what waits the down the line,kong produces long workable walls,that can connect with the next session a couple of hundred yards down the line, money trees.

MONEY TREES is the most consistenly surfed section of the reef.famous for its fast workable walls and emeral green,almond shaped barrels,more protected by seasonal trades then’s sheer beauty as the wind down the reef for another couple of hundred yards before the real magic begin.

LAUNCH PADS is the name given for the take off point leading into speedies,wich could lead you into the one of your longest barrel ever,famous for its long spinning barrels,

SPEEDIES is G-land,and if you score it on its day , you’ll understand why.

For the not so advanced

Beyond what people is lead to believe,G-land offer more breaks than just the world famous main point,not as heavy ,but just beautyfull and regularly empty.

20/20 The left is an amazingly great quality wave,just twenty minutes stroll down the picturesque empty white sand,always smaller than the main break,it can throw out forgiving barrels and fun playful walls that wind down the 100 m long reef,before filling up in the deep channel.The right not as long as its sister facing directly opposite,and generally needing a bit more swell,on the right swell it will throw out perfect horse shoeing barrels.

Tiger track another thirty minutes walk down the pristine deserted white sandy beach,will lead you to a natural footers dream,empty right barrels, picking up almost the same swell size as he main point and breaking over forgiving sponge reef,tiger track can make your trip to g-land to remember to its own,being a very good learning waves.



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  1. Harley

    It is the Second time that I came to G-LAND jacksurfcamp. They have an amazing good and by Far the best location. Staff are really eficient and polite. Thanks for all and see you on Next season!

  2. fransisco

    Dear jack

    Thanks for letting us stay in g-landsurfcamp a few days before the start of the season.i have stayed in the camp a few times before in the past and i have to say you guys are really stepped it up a knotch..the area looks very clean,the food delicious and the service is no 1.i really enjoyed my stay,althought it was little bit short,and will highly recommend it and defenetly come back again.thank you the staff for everything…

    best regard


  3. michael anderson

    the staff and service was excelent very friendly and always there to lend a hand,food was delicious as well.thanks a lot see you next time..

  4. daniella

    I really enjoyed my stay here in gland jacksurfcamp,it has a great atmosphere,very relaxing and very quite in the middle of the jungle.the room are very comfortable and the food is great,we had the fantastic opportunity to eat indo food,really tasty.
    the staff here was very nice and caring,it is an adventure to be here and totally worth it..

    daniella ferreyos

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